Our application, PrehabPal, evaluates vulnerabilities and guides older adults as they prepare their minds and bodies for surgery. We offer hospitals and providers innovative solutions to the unique challenges facing older Americans today.


The Challenge

The U.S. healthcare system is facing a Silver Tsunami. Every year 19 million older adults in the U.S. have a procedure and 4 million of these are major operations.

The Solution

Ooney creates stand-alone products that integrate with current care pathways. We provide scalable solutions where none exist today.

The Results

By reducing complications and enhancing functional recovery, our products facilitate significant cost savings and higher patient satisfaction.


The science is clear—prehabilitation programs get patients home faster and save healthcare systems millions of dollars annually. This is increasingly important as the number of elderly in the U.S. and worldwide rise dramatically.

Why We Do It

With over a decade of working to improve the health of older adults, Ooney grows out of a passion for addressing the vulnerabilities of this unique population.

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