Ooney’s PrehabPal and Dr. Emily Finlayson featured on CNBC

Ooney was featured in the news again recently in the CNBC article, ” Older patients recover from surgery faster if they ‘train’ for it.” by Annie Nova:

“You train if you go on a hike or run a 5K race,” said Dr. Michael Englesbe, a professor of surgery at the University of Michigan. “But we never train our patients for their operations.” 

That’s changing.

At the University of California San Francisco’s Surgery Wellness Program, older patients gear up for surgery by meeting with dieticians, physical and occupational therapists. The program will soon launch a digital app called Prehab Pal, in which algorithms prescribe older patients a plan to prepare for their surgery.

Ooney advisor and Chair of the American College of Surgeons Geriatric Surgery Task Force also spoke to the importance of prehabilitation:

“Prep is as important if not more important than the surgery itself,” said Dr. Ronnie Rosenthal, chair of the American College of Surgeons Geriatric Surgery Task Force.

Because it can be hard to find the resources, and there are challenges to billing Medicare for this work, many of these innovative efforts around presurgery care are still limited to larger hospitals.

Yet experts say much of the preparation can be undertaken anywhere. (You should, of course, always consult with your doctor first).